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The Tools I Use
My site is hosted on WinHost, providing a Windows platform and other requirements of what I intend to work with.
Visual Studio 2008
I'm working in .NET 3.5 on Windows Vista, using Visual Studio 2008. Given what I've seen of the beta's and work done by others, I fully intend to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 in the near future.
SQL Server 2008
My host provides access to SQL Server 2008 for the back end. It's a very limited access, but I'm not trying to host enterprise solutions here.
I try to follow TDD (Test Driven Development) practices, so I do my testing with NUnit and the NUnit framework.
Since I really don't plan on doing high-end graphics for this site, most of the work will be done in Paint.NET. It's no Photoshop, by any means, but it does a lot of simple things well.
Photoshop CS2
Well, not everything can be done in Paint.NET. :P
Subversion (SVN)
The ability to roll back to a previous commit when I screw something up is immeasurably important to me. Not that I ever screw anything up... For this I use Tortoise SVN for integration with Windows Explorer, and AnkhSVN to integrate into Visual Studio.
Public Domain Images
Yes, that external image icon ((offsite link)) is public domain. I'll probably use others as well to save time drawing pictures.
As I begin working with Silverlight I will be using Expression Blend. There are probably other tools I'll work with later on, and I will try to list them here.
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